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How the Chemical Free Community came to be…

…I was doing the corporate thing, had a cancer adventure, and when I looked at ways I could reduce my risk of cancer recurrence I made the link between toxic chemicals and many health issues, such as cancer.

Looking for all things chemical free, I got tired of seeing shops with ORGANIC on their signage to find it was only organic coffee and nothing else.  I thought… wouldn’t it be great if businesses shared what % of their entire products/services were organic, non toxic or less toxic? Food, hairdressers, pest control, dry cleaners, funeral services…

Three years down the track…Yr 1 ‘Does the business have legs? ; Yr 2 was all about WWW (still working on it) ; Yr 3 we started gathering the troops, working with ambassadors/advisors, running educational events, hosting regional meet ups, building digital presence & trying to keep my head above water!!   As the fun continues, we invite you to play with the gang!

Jillian Exton

Jillian Exton - founder

Why the focus on toxic chemicals?

What chemical? where are they?
chemicals can cause many diseases
Prevention not cure
Children are more vulnerable than adults
Reasons to live in a chemfree 'state of mind'

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ChemFreeCom is your online global community, a one stop location to find your chemical free, information and no/low toxic, organic or natural services and products. Welcome to our Beta Version 1.2 release of ChemFreeCom.com. Over the coming months we will be updating our directory and adding more exciting features.

ChemFreeCom.com’s goal is to make it easier for people to search, find and choose services and products that allow them to reduce the toxins in their life. In doing so, we also help the providers of these services and products reach an informed consumer base and grow their business.

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Find those less toxic and non toxic alternatives…food, cafe’s, restaurants, personal care, baby products, bedding, toilet paper ,hand sanitisers, hairdressers, beauticians, pest control, pet care, dry cleaners, pool  & services. Search on categories, chemical status and ‘free from’ filters.  Looking for chemical free franchises, product lines, businesses for sale? Search our business opportunities. Our GLOBAL E-DIRECTORY is new, watch us evolving and help us grow.

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Locate those educational events, courses or e-learning opportunities using our EVENTS CALENDAR . Find the right information to support your transition to a life of less chemicals. Be warned, once you ‘know’ this information there is no going back!

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