No doubt you have stood in a store, attempting to read labels wondering which products are made without harmful ingredients. Wondered which marketing claims you can trust – “natural,” “eco,” “green”, “BPA free”, ” no phthalates”  Maybe you have purchased a product guided by the marketing blurb only to learn later they have snuck some bad ingredients in there. 

You will be plAnnMarie MadeSafe - product imageeased to know your selection process just got easier thanks to MADE SAFE and some committed companies who wish to be nothing but transparent to all customers.

Annmarie Skin Care, a beautiful line of handcrafted, wildcrafted and organic skin care and makeup, turned to MADE SAFE to validate that their entire range of products were in fact 100% safe for use.

MADE SAFE, a new certification from the USA, examines and screens ingredients to ensure they are not known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, behavioral toxins, flame retardants, heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, toxic solvents, VOCs, or GMOs. They also examine ingredients to determine whether they are likely to be harmful to you, the environment or aquatic life.

We, at the Chemical Free Community, were so excited about MADE SAFE and MADE SAFE nontoxic certified (which is MADE SAFE’s next level of certification) that we created a ‘Supplier Chemical Status’ and ‘Search Filters’ just for these certifications. Now our global users can easily search for products that are MADE SAFE certified.

AnnMarie MadeSafe - chem status
Based in Northern California, Annmarie Skin Care,  impressed the team at MADE SAFE with their commitment to responsible sourcing and use of high quality plants and ingredients with minimal processing. Annmarie Skin Care,

  • utilises a month-long steeping process for increased essential oil potency &

  • house their products in a special glass called MIRON Violet Glass, protecting the product from light damage and oxidation, giving it a longer shelf life, and sustains the potency of the ingredients inside.

All of Annmarie Skin Care’s products – skin care, essential oil blends, and makeup –are now  MADE SAFE certified. If you’re looking for a safe skin care option that is a ‘sure bet’ for toxic chemical free,  pop over to Annmarie’s online store and shop with confidence.

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Interested in having your products certified by MADE SAFE? Visit the MADE SAFE website to learn more about the certification process and request pricing.