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Eco Organic Hair and Body

Eco hair & body

We specialise in Ammonia Free Colour and all our products are Sulphate and Paraben Free, we choose only the highest quality products which are gentle and kind to the Hair, Scalp, Body and the Environment.Eco Hair - Offer x3

We use products such as

  • Kevin Murphy,
  • Herbe Colour,
  • EverEscents,
  • Uspa
  • Kora.

With highly trained Senior Stylists working to give you the complete Salon Experience, we also offer a range of beautiful loose leaf teas from The Silva Spoon and home baked goodies to make your salon visit special.

Bioptron Light Therapy




BIOPTRON LIGHTputs energy into, and draws oxygen to the treatment site by increasing micro-circulation thereby accelerating healing .

  • It speeds up cell-turnover. Completely safe, no UV , will not burn .
  • Helps to rapidly accelerate healing time of Sports injuries, cuts, bruises, burns: leaving minimal scarring due to rapid healing.
  • Also good for insect bites, sunspots, acne, ear infections, sore throats, post surgery etc.
  • When used on complexion, Bioptron Light Therapy helps with hydration, tone, minimising lines, scarring, and other skin problems.

Sunshine Dental Care


Sunshine Dental

A state-of-the-art practice totally devoted to biological and toxin-free dentistry using strict protocols for removal of silver fillings by Dr Lilian Kluge

Our Oral Care includes:
* I.V Sedation for any dental treatment,
* General Dentistry,
* Safe Amalgam Removal,
* One Visit Porcelain Crowns/Onlays with CAD-CAM,
* Preventative Dentistry,
* Cosmetic Dentistry,
* Whitening
* Oral Surgery

We provide a warm, friendly multi-lingual and holistic practices such as the use of filtered and ozonated water.

Essential Shield

Essential Shield

  • Mr Mould 100% Naturally based, Australia Made Mould and Mildew removal and prevention products.
    • Mr Mould
    • Mould and Odour Blocks
    • Essential Oils

    Mr Mould: Powered by five therapeutic grade essential oils and coconut! Remediates and removes even the most toxic mould from almost any surface. Establishes a long life defence against the return of mould and mildew. Made from renewable ingredients.

    Mould and Odour Blocks: These small cedar timber blocks passively diffuse the special blend of 5 essential oils (Essential Shield Oil) the vapour kills air born toxic mould and deodorises!
    Ideal for use in draws, stored shoes, small storage boxes…… Recharge blocks using the Essential Shield Oil!
    Charged and ready to use 8 blocks per pack!

    Essential Shield Oil: Natures Perfect Storm Against Mould.  Essential Shield Oil contains a special blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils of: Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Clove & Eucalyptus. Ideal for use in oil burners and diffusers!

    With over 8,000 species of moulds, neither the use of just one essential oil or a chemical based product can not be totally effective against the total spectrum of mould species. This specific blend of essential oils is proven to remediate all species of moulds.

    Read How Essential Shield is saving families from asthma, sinus and breathing problems.


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