We are all transitioning, it is a never ending path of learning and we use products and services that match where we are in our personal journey.

The more informed we become the more conscious we are about purchases for ourselves and our family.
Whether you are a ‘converted’ ChemFreeCom’er, a ‘wanna be’ ChemFreeCom’er or a ‘in transition’ ChemFreeCom’er we have information and resources that can support your hunger for knowledge and solve the continual quest for that ‘first or next step’ in your transition.

Confused but want to be informed? Want to know what all the jargon is ? BPA’s, ECD’s, NPE’s. Our ‘Being Informed’ pages shares information that we have found to be very useful:

  • We have collated a long list of chemicals/toxins and allergies that are invading our lives. Highlighting what they are, where they are found and links to further information.
  • You will find industry guides to what chemicals can be found in particular industries. So next time you are heading to the dentist or building your new home you know what questions to ask.
  • For those traveling or wanting to export product/services and want to know what is happening in other countries, we have attempted to collate a list of global organic/chemical free certifications.  It’s still a work in progress – let us know what we are missing.

This section is a work in progress, if there is any information you think we should add, please let us know via the contact page.

Don’t forget to visit our extensive Library for videos, apps, books and where to find help to support you to a less toxic life.