About this Certification

The MADE SAFE (Made with Safe Ingredients™) seal literally means that a product is made with safe ingredients.

We want to ensure that goods are made entirely from safe ingredients; that is, ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health harm as determined by scientifically recognized lists from around the world. In order to do this, our scientists and/or advisors analyze the materials, ingredients and chemical components of a product (as obtained through required paper screening) to ensure it does not contain harmful ingredients or release vapors, gases, or by-products that could impact human health. (We are not, for example, determining whether or not the product is safe for a child to use unsupervised.) We scrutinize the molecular makeup of a product and our scientists determine whether or not those ingredients and elements are safe for the intended use of the product.

Once products are certified, it is still imperative that consumers follow the manufacturer guidelines for use.


What are Made Safe & NonToxic Certified



What are Made Safe & NonToxic Certified 5 step process