Certified Organics and the Desert – yes they do go together.  (by Alan Scott)

On first hand if someone was to tell me that they bought some certified organic eggplants, beans and basil from the desert I would be a little sceptical. Having now seen the operation at Organic Oasis in Dubai, I am excited about the prospect of more certified organics coming out of the UAE.

The farm itself is not necessarily big but the range of produce took my breath away. There was everything from eggplants (which we lucky enough to take some home), cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, broccoli, basil, corn, turnips, radishes, much more and wonderful free range eggs from some very happy chickens.

We were happily escorted throughout the whole operation by the General Manager, Muhammad Yasir Naseer where transparency was clearly a number one priority.

The beds were established in raised formations with the irrigation carefully pumping through a combination of water, garlic and fish to ensure the natural, organic output.

There were beds dedicated to individual crops with a multiple of crops then laying out the landscape of the whole farm. Even to the point that corn (a taller crop) was planted at the end of a number of beds to provide a wind break crop protection.

A greenhouse also allowed for various crop experimentation and a longer produce season into the hotter months of the year.

We especially liked the chicken pen where the chickens were happily running around with plenty of space to share. Not a cage in sight and plenty of actual green and excess produce from the farm as their natural fed.

Eye opening would be a great summary and the commitment to maintain their USDA and Eco Cert accreditations was impressive.

We would thoroughly recommend a visit to the farm so please stay tuned to the ChemFreeComUAE Facebook for notification of open days.   Thanks Organic Oasis for a special day in our UAE adventure. Find the farm at:

The Organic Oasis

UAE Organic Producing Farms EU, USDA, UAE Certified Home delivery call or email E: Orders@organicoasis.ae T: 04 2699919.   http://www.organicoasis.ae

Please let us know of any other great organic farms around the UAE via comments below.

PS – Even had date and berry trees with some that we were not sure what the name was in English – any ideas?