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With a growing numbers of ‘lifestyle’ illness across the globe being attributed to the cocktail mix of chemicals in our society,  our goal is to make it easier for families to lower or eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals as well as support the growth of chemical free businesses. We want to make it easy for families to find ways to reduce their family’s toxic exposures and we offer a couple of avenue for you to do that.

What is the Chemical Free State of mind?
What is 'Sshifting the Starting Point' in terma of Chemical Free Living
Why Chemical Free Community Focus on Services
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Chemical Free Community are looking for businesses that are 100%,partial, or in transition to chemical free
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What is

With a growing numbers of ‘lifestyle’ illness across the globe being attributed to the cocktail mix of chemicals in our society,  our goal is to make it easier for families to lower or eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals as well as support the growth of chemical free businesses. We want to make it easy for families to find ways to reduce their family’s toxic exposures and we offer a couple of avenue for you to do that.

Global E-Directory

Maybe we can help you find those less toxic and non toxic alternatives for all the products and services that are in your everyday life. Use our global E-DIRECTORY of suppliers of chemical free services and products, who list their business so that you can effortlessly find chemical free solutions in your area.

Events Calendar

Helping you to find those educational events, course or e-learning opportunities using our EVENTS CALENDAR may be just what you need. This calendar helps point you in the right direction to support your transition to a life of less chemicals. Be warned, once you ‘know’ this information there is no going back!

Community Forum

You may wish to connect with like-minded people in your neighbourhood or across the oceans to share, connect and network within our Chemical Free Community FORUM. Our Forum will be launched in the near future.

We want to empower the community to make and execute chemical free choices they are proud of, that their family will be proud of for years to come.

ChemFreeCom is the brain child and inspiration of Jillian Exton. Passionate about pursuing chemical free choices in her own life following a cancer adventure, and frustrated at how difficult it was to start the transition, Jillian turned frustration into motivation and created the Chemical Free Community. The Community provides the connection between users who are on their chemical free journey looking for non-toxic and less toxic food, products and services (hairdressers, beauticians, pest control, holistic doctors and dentists, dry cleaners, swimming pools, nail salons, vets and pet care, restaurants and cafes, furniture and even funerals) and suppliers of chemical free products and services.

Thus was born.

The Chemical Free Community Manifesto

Who is


As one of our members suggested recently, we are the ‘Google for Chemical Free’ services and products. We are a global e-directory.  We are an information source for both Users and Suppliers about chemical free services and products, initiatives, issues, opportunities and offerings in our wider Chemical Free Community – locally and globally. We offer Users the ability to search for services and products by categories (the type of service or product), by filters (its chemical profile) and by location.  We invite our Suppliers to list and profile their services and products via our categories, chemical status and filters, in order to be found by our Users.


ChemFreeCom is not a supplier of products or services in its own right – except for the directory services we provide. We are not a certification body but do make reference to certifications throughout our directory. We are not an agent for suppliers or derive any income from supplier’s commissions or incentive schemes. We are not experts in the categories or filters we use, rather we are an aggregator and facilitator of such information from accredited sources. We do not limit our focus to only those users or suppliers that have made the 100% switch to the ChemFreeCom State of Mind, rather we are passionate about helping our Users and Suppliers make the transition.


We are SERVICES and PRODUCTS as well as ORGANIC FOOD.  Our philosophy extends to as many services and products as we can offer that our members need and our suppliers can provide.  We wish to attract services and products that helps us manage the impacts that are IN us, ON us, AROUND us and we wish to get OUT of us.  We invite our community members to challenge CHEMFREECOM to locate and source additional services and products that meet our users’ profiles. Let us know via our Contact page.


Jillian’s personal motivation stems from being a breast cancer graduate through which she founded Lessons Learned Network; ( a forum where Jillian and others can share their experience, lessons learned and research from their involvement with cancer. Jillian also authored a book “WHAT’S YOUR PLAN – Manage Side Effects of Chemo & Other Cancer Treatments” which provides evidence-based information on using natural supplements to prevent and treat treatment side effects. Jillian’s passion is helping others find those chemical free solutions that will change their lives.  Thus ChemFreeCom was born. believes in:


It is a State of Mind.  We recognise that achieving a 100% Chemical Free existence is challenging, however it is the commitment to such ideals and possibilities that underpins ChemFreeCom’s philosophy. We are committed to building a more extensive, widely accepted and commercially viable low toxin, chemically conscious market place. We welcome suppliers who are on their own chemical free services journey – welcoming honest positioning of their part chemical free compliance.  Whether you are 100% or 20% chemically free or organic – we welcome you.  We are about growth, sharing and learning.  We offer everyone the chance to join the Chemical Free Community to contribute, build and make a global difference.


When considering the aspects of chemical exposure we thankfully borrow from and extend the work of Beth Greer.  We think about four actions that impact our and other’s exposure levels – either directly or indirectly.  We think about what we put IN our bodies.  What do we drink, eat or what are we digesting?  We think about what we put ON our bodies. What actually comes in contact with our skin, our body?  We think about what we use AROUND us. What do we spray, what do we paint with, clean with?  Finally, or initially, we think of how we get what exists OUT of our body.  How do we detox to allow us to create that new baseline?  IN, ON, AROUND and OUT offers us all something to think about.


We are committed to supporting local communities and the small businesses that invariable make such a local community tick. We choose to be an important marketing channel for those small, local businesses that are growing their operations based on their local trade.  From market stalls, to single shop fronts and local delivery operators, we choose to offer these local businesses a free registration period of 6 months. If they service just their local town, have up to 5 categories and up to 3 locations (map markers) the offer is available through the use of a coupon code – regardless when they join.  Let us know through our Contact page.

Local growth delivers business and market sustainability.  We support this.


You are our community.  You find yourself now questioning everything that you and your family come in contact with. The latest play toy, the new sofa, the pest control powder residue, even the coloured dust tossed all over you on the the ‘Gobal Colour Run events’.  You have started to collect your favourite organic cafe, hairdresser and even the biological dentist that removes all your amalgams correctly, but you have not located that tricky, “less toxic or toxic free” dry cleaner yet. But if we collectively share our organic/chemfree or less toxic options on ChemFreeCom then you will be able to fill in all the missing services that you have been looking for.  You are now a committed and enthusiastic community member excited about building a network that will support the growth of a more ‘Chemical Free’ world.

What our members say about the Chemical Free Community