About this Chemical

  • Chloramine is a chemical compound of chlorine and ammonia. It does not dissipate or evaporate into the air as chlorine does. It is highly toxic and lethal to marine animals and fish. When in contact with organic materials in raw water, it creates toxic by-products. One of the many alternative methods for water disinfection available to PAWC. It is the cheapest and easiest of the options.
  • Chloramine creates its own by-products that are more toxic than those of chlorine and are genotoxic, which means they attack our DNA. There are other methods of reducing chlorine by-products and cleaning the water as it runs through the lines without using chloramines.
  • Many by-products of chloramines that are cytotoxic and genotoxic. These byproducts are mutagens and have the potential to cause cancer and birth defects. Some of the known by-products are Iodoacetic Acid, Hydrazine and Nitrosamines.