We had the joy of spending time with Myleigh from The Clean Living Clinic a few months ago when she joined us aThe Clean Living Clinic logot a sustainability event in Brisbane to promote all things chemical free.  As Myleigh shared her tips and demonstrated her recipes, I was continually amazed at how easy it was to create a DIY chemical free options for pretty much everything in your home.  Passionate, committed and caring, Myleigh supports many of her members both locally and via online on their chemical free journey.

 Q1. What do you do?

I provide chemical free lifestyle education and DIY solutions.  We offer DIY raw & organic ingredients, carrier oils, DIY personal and household care recipes & MYrecipe booklets – these recipes consist of 5 or less ingredients and can be made in less 5 minutes, DIY kits, 100% pure essential oils, MYclinics & workshops and MYlifestyler support network to help empower you to live a non-toxic, back to basic, simplicity lifestyle.

Our MYlifestyler network includes:-

  • Exclusive One on One support,
  • 5% off Clinic Store selected products including Recipe Books.
  • Exclusive access to our MYlifestyle porthole where you can see video tutorials on recipes, new recipes, and be part of Q&A nights with Myleigh herself, etc.
  • Private MYlifestyler support group – the opportunity to chat with like-minded people, celebrate wins, losses, ask for feedback and ask me questions!!
  • CLINIC WORKSHOPS – receive early bird Pre-sale and an exclusive MYlifestyler price on tickets to Myleighs Clean Living clinic’s
  • BFF Clinics!!!** – You can hold BFF clinic in your home for FREE*!  We can design and hold a Clinic to suit YOUR choice of chemical free lifestyle, in your home with your friends. *Guests must pay full price and normal conditions apply ** BFF clinics are subject to application.
  • Monthly emails – receive monthly support emails with chemical free education, solutions and DIY recipes, exclusive discount codes, upcoming clinics and more.

MYrecipes must be quick to make in fact my goal is create recipes that can be made in less than 5 minutes.

Clean Living Clinic MyDeodorant   Clean Living Clinic MyDeodorant Stick

Q2. What got you started in the chemical free industry?

I have suffered health issues from the age of 11, my family often sort natural solutions which were always a benefit to me.  As a qualified beauty therapist, nail technician and hairdresser I learned the science behind our skin and the damage chemicals can possibly do.  After the becoming a mother the passion to limit our exposure of chemical grew immensely.

Our naivety and lack of education as consumers and the deceiving information provided by manufacturers and labels also encouraged me to share my knowledge.

Clean Living Clinic MyFacescrub   Clean Living Clinic MyVapour Rub

Q3. What makes your product or service different?

I keep it personal!  I provide personal support in EVERY way along YOUR chemical free journey, a journey that suits YOU. The choices you make need to be made in consideration of YOUR own lifestyle.

Talking to someone face to face, over the phone has become a thing of the past but The Clean Living Clinic will be there to hold your hand along the way.  I even offer personal MYclinics & workshops so that you can get face to face education & support.

It is also extremely important to me that chemical free DIY works for everyone and this is why I created The Clean Living Clinics ASTECS standards.  Every DIY kit, MYrecipe and product provided must meet this standard:-

ACCESSIBILITY – When creating MYrecipes we always encourage Organic and raw ingredients however it is important that these ingredients are easily accessed, this is why we created the MYstore where any ingredient listed in a MYrecipes is available to be purchased.

SIMPLICITY & SUITABILITY– Back to Basic lifestyle is important therefor MYrecipes must be easy to create, less than 5 ingredients and preferably ingredients that can be used in other MYrecipes.  MYrecipes also need to be versatile to suit YOUR LFIESTYLE, because everybody’s is different!

TIME – MYrecipes must be quick to make in fact my goal is create recipes that can be made in less than 5 minutes.

EFFICIENCY – The finished MYrecipe products MUST work!! As a mum and professional hairdresser, beauty therapist all the MYrecipes must create chemical free products that actually work up to the same standard as mainstream products

COST – MYrecipes must be affordably & cost effective to make.

SUSTAINABILITY – Creating MYrecipes that are not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. We take in into consideration ingredients & packaging. We have spent a lot of time creating the perfect packaging that limits the impact of our environmental footprint.

  Clean Living Clinic MyBedTimeBliss   Clean Living Clinic MyRepellent   Clean Living Clinic MyHandSanitiser

Q4. What has been your biggest obstacle?

Business wise: – DIY is often put in the too hard basket!  People believe it doesn’t work as well as mainstream products, is too time-consuming and costly.  I out to change this mentality.

Personal chemical free journey: – Keeping the balance.  Learning how to make decisions on what suits MY lifestyle.  This is another reason why I started The Clean Living Clinic as I found that most of the support offered with chemical free living put pressure on me to do it ALL.  This actually overwhelmed me making me feel like change was impossible.  I still struggle with balance every day but I remind myself often ……What YOU can is enough!

Q5. What is your most interesting/best TIP to help families reduce their chemical exposure?

Start with one thing at a time, preferably something you are running out of.  Don’t try and do it all at once……

What YOU can is enough!

Q6. Is there another non-toxic business that you think is great & would recommend?

Wow, there are so many!  I think my favourite would be Sienna Byron Bay nail polish! As a nail technician and a woman, I wanted an alternative to the toxic polish.  I try to look for Australian owned and made, sustainable packaging, as chemical free as possible and be a great product that works.  I found this with Sienna!! Totally recommend them.



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