From deodorant to mascara, your daily beauty products can be full of harmful chemicals and preservatives.  Both women and men are now using more and more of these personal care and beauty products, from an earlier age and for a longer period of time. Without doubt we all must be more aware of the potential dangers of our beauty habits, and ask ourselves what we’re willing to sacrifice in our attempts to maintain and/or restore what age is throwing at us.


Research has found that that average women lathers herself with up to 515 toxic chemicals each day. Many of those chemicals are carcinogenic, hormone disrtuptors, neurotoxins and impact development and reproduction.

There are only so many toxic chemicals the body can consume and so many toxins the body can detox. What happens if we just keep filling the bucket with these toxins? One day the bucket overflows!

We have to live in the real world, which means there are harmful chemicals everywhere that we are exposed to and we have no control over them. So it makes a whole lot of sense to minimise those that we have control over. It’s not like we have to sacrifice quality, there are organic and non toxic options for pretty much most products now. And just like conventional beauty products some work better for you then others and you have to work your way through the brands to find the one that you like. There is always the DIY option, with many ingredient kits and recipes available on the internet it’s easy to make your own.



  • EYESHADOW – has an average of 26 harmful chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and hormone disruption. Protecting your precious peepers by avoiding buying ‘waterproof eye make up’, and use coconut oil to remove make up.
  • DEODORANT – has an average of 32 harmful chemicals linked to organ irritation and hormone disruption.
  • LIPSTICK- has an average of 33 harmful chemicals linked to neurotoxicity, cancer, immunotoxicity and allergies.
  • NAIL POLISH – has an average of 31 harmful chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and hormone disruption.
  • PERFUME – has an average of 24 harmful chemicals linked to reproductive damage, organ irritant and hormone disruption.
  • SHAMPOO – has an average of 15 harmful chemicals linked to neurological damage, cancer, hormone disruption.
  • HAIR SPRAY – has an average of 11 harmful chemicals linked to hormone disruption, allergies.
  • BLUSH – has an average of 16 harmful chemicals linked to rash, irritation and hormone disruption.
  • FOUNDATION – has an average of 24 harmful chemicals linked to cancer, allergies and hormone disruption.
  • MOISTURISER – has an average of 32 harmful chemicals linked to rash, irritation and hormone disruption.

Refer to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for details.

chemicals in personal care products

Here are a few of the ‘oh had not thought of those’  things that you can easily change or should be aware of regarding your beauty and health regime.

If you already use a non-toxic/ organic/ sustainable hair & nail salon that is in tune with providing adequate ventilation, then you are onto a good thing. If you are not ready to part with your usual chemical hair/nail products ensure your salon or home has good ventilation as you will be exposed to formaldehyde releasing products. If you can smell chemicals the ventilation is probably not adequate. Try buffing your nails instead of nail polish.shaving - ditch the toxic chemicals

Bubble bath soaps can contain carcinogens and hormone disrupting fragrances, there are may non toxic options or you can create your own with organic milk/honey and oatmeal. Add a bit of nontoxic liquid bath soap for the bubbles.

Laced with parabens and UV filters that are hormone disruptors, instead lather up with organic soap, she butter or your favourite oil for a close and soothing shave.

Feminine cleansing products can introduce potentially toxic chemicals into sensitive parts of the body where they are readily absorbed. Many products contain formaldehyde releasing preservative as well as unnecessary fragrances and dyes. Try a gentle solution of Apple Cider Vinegar and water for a less toxic option.

Usually contain preservatives and fragrances, use non toxic wipes or make your own with a bit of water, organic coconut oil and baby soap.



1. Reduce your personal care/beauty products you use every day – each product you use adds to your body burden, so by using fewer products you reduce your exposure. Do you really need it all, re-evaluate your daily routine. Count how many products you use every day, what can you do without?

2 . Replace the products you use the most or everyday which is your biggest source of exposure.

3. Replace the products that cover the most surface area of the body  (foundations, moisturisers, sunscreens, insect repellents).

4. showering - ditch the toxic chemicalsReplace products that run out and need to be replace.. but do they need to be replace?

5. Read all labels and look for products made from plants not petroleum.

6. Choose brands with the fewest ingredients possible.

7. Beware the labelling – just because a product is labeled “hypoallergenic” or “natural,” doesn’t mean it’s safe. There’s no legal definition of the word ‘natural it’s a marketing claim.

8. Beware, “organic” may only refer to the ingredient/s that are certified organic, not the entire product itself. The packaging may tell you what is NOT in the product.. you need to read the ingredient list to see what IS in the product.

9. Always avoid products that contain ‘fragrance/perfume’ which is code for dozens and dozens of synthetic chemicals.





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