ann head shot 2Spend some time with Annie Clark and you can’t help but inhale her vibrant love for health and wellness. In fact, that hasn’t changed in 20 years! I’d met Annie two decades earlier in Cairns when I attended one of Annie’s Raw Food Courses before raw food was even fashionable.

Annie, one of our Chemical Free Community Ambassadors, has been presenting workshops and speaking for over 30 years on health and wellbeing and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others to improve their health and happiness. She has written over 18 books and is a pioneer in healthy eating, being Australia’s first raw food author. Stick with us while Annie shares a snippet of her love of clean living and healthy detoxing.

Decluttering leads to creativity

For me to be at my ‘most creative’, I need to have an environment that is uncluttered, clean and smells amazing!  I go into this ‘de-clutter helicopter mode’, which is what Darryl, my husband has named it!  He observes me moving fast around the house, I just can’t stand to see my environment all over the shop, and I move through everything, create boxes of paper work, and move things to change ‘my state’ and ‘move energy’.  Works for me Ann Clarkeevery time, and I feel so good for doing it.

While I am doing this I have several things going on in the background to make this process incredibly safe, satisfying and sacred.  I call this the three ‘s’ check list for cleaning up and decluttering.

Airborne dust… it’s everywhere

First off for my cleaning, decluttering rant to work I must have an essential oil diffusing in the background. Essential oils can help you relax or sleep, improve your skin or digestion, and fight cold and flu symptoms, alleviate pain, balance hormones and clean your home, their benefits are far greater than just a pleasant smell.

Diffusing essential oils while cleaning makes the process ‘safe, satisfying and sacred’.  I select oils blends that improve the room, create an anti-bacterial cloud and helping to move any airborne dust away from my lungs before it settles… One of the worst things about cleaning and decluttering is the amount of dust that comes up, (which is dead skin), and the impact this can have on your overall wellness.

We spend a lot of time in our homes, we really do, and statistics tell us that the home is the most toxic place.  This does depend on what you have in your home, seen and unseen chemicals, paints and building materials off-gassing, synthetic fragrance in everyday products,  plastics in your kitchen draws, and just as importantly, the way your home is ventilated.

The essential oil blend I diffuse while cleaning is ‘Easy Air’, the ingredients are Laurel leaf oil, Eucalyptus Globulus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Citrus lemon peel oil, Ravensara and Cardamom seed oil.

On Guard 2The other blend I use to wipe over the benches and the shelves is ‘On Guard’.  This one is most effective at changing the vibration in the room, and making it feel cleaner and safer to inhabit.  On Guard has a few key essential oils included in the blend.  They are: Wild Orange, Clove bud, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus radiata, and last but by no means least, Rosemary.  This blend purifies and disinfects the air against all forms of virus, pathogens and bacteria.

The satisfying part of decluttering and keeping the house less toxic, is how it feels when you have tidied up the paperwork and put items that were gathering dust in their correct place, thus created more room and more space for being.  I enjoy the ‘emotional benefits’ that goes with both the physical cleaning and being immersed in aromas of these powerful essential oils. 

Incense, Candle Burners and Diffusers

I’ve been using essential oils for 32 years.  Before the oils’ I burnt incense.  Once I got my head around the fact that incense is cow shit on a stick, I still could accept it because it was nice smelling ‘cow shit on a stick’!  Because I nearly burnt my family home down in 1976, I decided that I should move on to safer methods, like oils, but I wasn’t diffusing them, a candle was still lit in the process and placed under a ceramic ‘oil burner’.  This was dangerous then and still dangerous now.  

I know candle burning has contributed to many house fires over the years.  I’m grateful the only side effect of my ‘burning days’, is a charcoal mark on the guest room shelving at my dads’ place.  He still has that furniture.  I lived to tell the story and have graduated to the profound use of essential oils in diffusers.  Not just any old essential oils, because many brands are created in a laboratory and not fresh from the fields. 

For around 4 and a bit years, I’ve aligned with the Doterra brand (Doterra is Latin for Gift Of The Earth).  I found myself emotionally satisfied with the aromas that came from my first delivery and still to present day.  I see my clients have enjoyed these oils just as much as me, and I’m in a unique educational position with bringing wonderful insights and flavour to any talk I do about how they work. 

To detox your home and you at the same time, it’s quite easy when you diffuse and use essential oil blends like those mentioned above.  You can diffuse both of them together or separately as you go about your cleaning.  Your ‘after affect feeling’ will be far more pleasant and energising.  This is a ‘non-chemical’ solution, this is ‘the sacred part’, that gives more and takes nothing, well maybe just a little awareness.

If you are interested in knowing more about the health benefits of essential oils & how to integrate essential oils into your daily activities, you may like to attend one of Annie’s educational workshops.  Browse the website and Facebook events for a workshop near you.

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