When we have a gaggle of chemical free oriented business all in the one exhibit – magic happens!

As a community we have been attending organic, natural and sustainable orientated expos, festivals, trade shows and summits since both the direcChemical Free Community Naturally Good Expo Team - Testimonial Olive & Beetory and community were born. To date we have had the pleasure of hanging out with organic turkey producers, organic fish suppliers, chai beverages wholesalers, building biologists, beauticians, organic perfume manufactures, non toxic bamboo mulching manufactures and cleaning companies to name just a few.

We are  passionate about supporting the chemcial free organic industry to grow so therefore help provide opportunities for businesses to increase their exposure with minimal costs.

Why do our members join us at shows and expos??

Chemical Free Community Testimonial Olive & BeeBecause it’s;

  1. Fun
  2. Cost effective – We share the expenses (stand, signage, scanners)
  3. A supportive environment
  4. An opportunity to connect and network with businesses and like minded folks
  5. An opportunity to information share and learn from others
  6. An opportunity to collaborate with other members of the community



We function under the law of abundance – there are ample leads, customers and clients for everyone. We believe that only together can we have the conscious shift towards a life of Less toxic chemical, that we are all wanting to influence.

We often have businesses providing the same service or product line with us at en event. At Bloom Inspired Living in Cairns we were blessed with three organic Hairdressers who spent the day chatting about all things non toxic hairdressing. They had salons in different parts of thChemical Free Community Testimonial Healthy Building Solutionse Cairns, used different products and realised they could never talk to their conventional hairdressing friends about organic hairdressing details. It was fabulous to watch.


At the Maleny Sustainability Show have had manufacturing orders placed. A group lesson on Facebook live at the Australian Hea
lth & Wellness Summit on the Gold coast, team Instragram lessons, social media collaborations and client introduction’s at the Naturally Good Trade Expo. And that’s some of the magic that has happened between the businesses that join us at events.


For those who have never attended an expo or trade show, it can be very intimidating. Our community approach provides support to those new to the expo scene. Not that we are experts in expos and shops, we are always learning. But we find that if our Chemical Free Community team are not about to help, then someone on the team are able to assist and advise.


Lets face it, most expos & trade shows ad crazy expensive. It can cost you thousands of dollars and that is just for the shell of your booth. Add fit out, transport, insurance, accommodation and it’s often hard to get a Return On Investment Chemical Free Community Testimonial My Habitaton the outlay in the short term.

We divvy up the costs of the booth and fit-out between the team. If the gang want a lead capture scanner for the event, which is a few hundred dollars, we split the cost between the team.

Chemical Free Community manage the admin, paperwork, logistics as well as the social media lead up and post event.


  • Watch out for our newsletter with the upcoming events we are attending or call us. Let us know if you want to join us
  • Got an event in your area you want to attend but want some company? 
    • If there is an event you think would be beneficial for the community to attend, shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Gather your own gang from the community – we don’t have to be there! 
    • We don’t always have to head up the team. We are happy to advertise an event and ask our members if they want to go

Chemical Free Community QLD Garden Expo Team



Thank you so much for the opportunity to join the Chemical Free Community stand at the Naturally Good Expo.As a small startup business, I would never have been able to go it alone. The support of the group was very reassuring, and a wonderful networking opportunity. One potential buyer even said to me “ I trust your product because you are a part of The Chemical Free Community”.I would highly recommend that other small businesses take the opportunity to join The Chem Free Team!

Claire Osterstock – Director – Simply Olive & Bee Pty Ltd



“I was fortunate enough to be able to join Jillian and the Chemical Free Community at the Natural and Organic Supershow (expo) held in Melbourne over a recent long weekend. Being part of this great community has given me the ability to reach far beyond what my business would normally be able to afford. Participation at these events is usually measured in the thousands of dollars, well beyond my budget. However, being able to combine with other like-minded business’s under the Chemical Free Community banner was just a great benefit for myself and my business. As so often is said ‘Exposure, Exposure, Exposure’! For me this level of exposure at a city event is now within my reach, and I would thoroughly encourage anyone considering joining the Chemical Free Community at any major event, such as this, to do so. An added bonus has also been to meet and chat to other like-minded Chemical free business owners.”

Dougal Ferguson – Healthy Building Solution



We were so very grateful to Jillian and the Chemical Free Community’s offer to go to the Sydney Naturally Good Expo. Last October, my vision was that I would like to take a running leap to see if we could afford to get our Non-toxic cleaning and personal products Business to the expo on our own. I knew that this would be a great opportunity to help us grow. I soon realised that our Cash Flow wouldn’t handle the huge expense of the set up and the stand cost alone. I pulled out in December when I realised that I was not able to commit to such a large outlay.

However my vision came through when Jillian offered the Chem Free Community a place at their stand with the help of signage, set up and scanner for a much reduced price from what I was going to have to pay and a bonus to network as a team rather then just as an individual. This opportunity not only has allowed us to get our branding known & recognised, it also allowed a wonderful networking group to assist each other in leads, meeting business owners and also helping promote such a wonderful community spirit. It was also appreciated that Chem Free did the organising of the stand advertising, scanner & even our own product signage, which was a huge relief for us. We are now in the process of following up all leads and sending out samples to interested parties. I am committed to being apart of the Chemical Free Community at events and believe that it is very beneficial to all small business to get their brand recognised whilst being apart of a networking team.

Kim Sloan – My Habitiat Products





Chemical Free Community Planned Events for 17-18

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