The ChemFreeCom team has watched the dedication and commitment of two of our members toiling endless away over the last few years creating this piece of absolute magic, which is now up for sale – a true organic and chemical free gem. Here is their story and your opportunity…

We bought our overrun property with the spectacular views and a neglected 100 year old Queenslander nearly 10 years ago now. It was a place full of potential crying out for some TLC.
Organic Property for sale - creekWe have subsequently been on a journey that has seen us undertake a steep learning curve in organics, permaculture, water management, pest management, property design, nutrition, native timbers, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and so much more. We trialled multiple designs of our vegetable garden, a broad range of chicken breeds, attended numerous permaculture meetings, read extensively, networked intensively in order to develop our knowledge and enhance our practices.Organic Property for sale

This journey meant that we spent years in renovating the house back to its former glory and beyond with all locally sourced native sustainably grown timbers, low VOC paints and polishes, locally custom made windows and doors and so on. We developed relationships with a broad range of local people to source our timber, manure for our garden, locally proven plants etc.

We now have a beautiful healthy home which has an amazing energy and feel to it. When you sit on the verandas you are not only surrounded by the beauty of the old growth national park on one side and the views out to the mountains of Fraser Island on the other but you also get to watch all the birds as they flutter in and out of the extensive vegetable garden right at your feet. The garden contains a wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs as well as a great range of conventional and sub tropical vegetables.Organic Property for sale

Our free range pasture fed chickens provide us with the best eggs to add to our beautiful fresh, organic veges. Pure, clean rain water in addition to generous amounts of natural light and airflow at all times provide the complete package of pure, clean, healthy and sustainable living.

Organic Property for saleWhile it has been a very fulfilling journey and an achievement we are proud of we also acknowledge it is time for the next adventure. It is then with a somewhat heavy heart that we are now selling out home and sanctuary. We are hoping that the next owners will be able to appreciate and benefit from the lovely space we have created.
If you are interested in our sub tropical sanctuary please call 040 995 2068 for more information.