You may be well aware of the importance of a daily hit of vitamin D.  Just as our sun above creates vitamin D in our body, we get an amazing gift from Mother Earth as well. Did you know that direct contact with the ground allows you to receive an energy infusion,  I’ve heard it referred to as “vitamin G” – G for ground. It’s a kind of “electrical nutrition.”

Consider the Earth an electrical planet, we are bioelectrical beings functioning electrically and living on an electrical planet. All sounds a bit far fetched? Well, there is science behind it proving there are many health benefits. Meet Barefoot Healing – Earthing Products an amazing business providing information and products to help you get ‘Grounded’.  I know you will be busting to get your hands on a grounded yoga/fitness mat or a pair of grounding flip flops or otherwise known as thongs in Australia.

Q1. What do you do?


We are an Australian distributor of Earthing products designed by Clint Ober and endorsed by Dr. Sinatra. In bringing these products to Australia we are able to raise awareness of the growing Grounding movement, and offer products that enable people to ground indoors without any disruption to daily routine or requiring any extra effort.

Grounding or Earthing works by utilising the earths’ natural electrons to combat free radical damage in the body reducing inflammation that underlies many health concerns.  Humans have walked, sat and slept barefoot on the Earth, since time immemorial, thus absorbing into our bodies the Earth’s natural electric energy, however modern life has served to disconnect us from the Earth and its inherent healing properties, from the materials we use to build our houses and work places to the shoes we wear on our feet in particular plastic/rubber or composite soles do not conduct the Earth’s electric energy. Modern research on Earthing has led to a demand for the development of conductive shoes, sheets, mats, bands, patches, pillow cases and more for use indoors that are the equivalent of being barefoot outdoors.

Q2. What got you started in the chemical free industry?

Linda (our company director) has always been very connected to nature and natural healing methods, eager to try new products and see how and if they worked. The journey to Earthing began as a personal search for better health without chemicals and medications, and led to hearing founder of Earthing (Clint Ober) talk about how his new discovery was helping people with all sorts of issues from reducing inflammation in the body, experiencing less pain, getting a better night’s sleep and even looking better. Clint described how he had BKdeveloped products that could be used indoors to simulate the Earth’s energy and bring it inside simply and easily.

After trying the indoor products for a few months, Linda noticed that her chronic upper back pain was gone, she was able to completely free herself from her Asthma medications after 30 years of use, slept much deeper and felt more refreshed during the day. The products were non-invasive and non allergenic. She has noticed more improvements over time such as a stronger immune system that has helped with allergies and food intolerances and has found that her body handles stress and anxiety much better.  Linda is sensitive to some electro magnetic frequencies and while this is a challenging area to overcome, she has been able to live and cope with this daily artificial intrusion.

She started talking passionately about how we all need to be more connected to the earth and go barefoot more often.  Excited with this discovery and with a lot of passion and enthusiasm she persuaded the US head office of Earthing to let her import their product into Australia at a time when the Indoor Earthing movement in the US was just taking off. Since then Linda has endeavoured to learn as much about Earthing as possible and become an expert in this area.  She has mixed with other like minded advocates dedicated to spreading the simple message of Earthing, such as Dr Gabriel Cousins, David Wolfe and Dr Christy Westen, and co-author Martin Zucker  to name a few.

We have seen many customers able get off the medical round-a-bout they have been on for years. This passion for natural health and wellness has encouraged us to extend our range to include earthing shoes, anti-radiation mobile safety equipment, top of the line water filters, chemical free anti-microbial cloths and more. We are always offering new products, tips, deals to our customers.

Q3. What makes your product different?

What is most profound about Earthing (grounding) is that it is so natural and simple, and that it affects every aspect of human physiology. When you ground yourself, your body readjusts to a new and natural level of functioning. Many people who have now lived grounded say that they do not want to go back to living ungrounded. They feel the difference. Earthing broadly elevates your quality of life to a level that seems not otherwise possible. Earthing products are designed to utilise the earths’ free electrons and the body’s natural healing intelligence, and is available to all ages, health conditions and levels of wellbeing.  It is scientifically researched with much study detailed in the Earthing book, and online. It is completely natural, targets a wide variety of health conditions from A – Z., has no set dosage, use it as much or as little as you like. Receive benefits from within seconds and cumulative benefits from days, weeks and years.

Q4. What has been your biggest obstacle?

We encounter the occasional customer who expects miracle instantaneous results, we encourage customers to keep a diary of changes they see and experience in their bodies and lives as earthing may be working on a health issue that you don’t see as a priority  and you may find that you are sleeping better first and then your pain lessens, but you are hoping for the pain to lessen first. It is important to remember that the body has its own agenda and priorities and may work in an order different to our own agenda, but by noticing the changes and the “new normal” we can see that earthing is working and be encouraged to watch for the results we are after. Dr Laura Koniver has some great clips on You Tube which we often share, showing the benefits of earthing over time, from seconds to years. These clips help people have faith and proof that earthing is and will work for them. Things to watch out for are better sleep, improved mood, less up and down at night, better breathing, better exercise recovery, improved sight, tissue repair, and pain reduction etc.Starter Pack

Q5.What is your most interesting/best TIP to help families reduce their chemical exposure?

Use the earth first, eat a clean organic diet, get outdoors, plenty of fresh air, grab an EMF detector for awareness, and modify environments you can’t escape from, like the office, with earthing products and shoes. Use natural products where possible for cleaning and laundry. And check out our range of complementary products from mobile phone safety, water filters, and chemical free antimicrobial cloths.

It can be very confusing when you start investigating earthing products so we encourage people to call us for a chat. We have a number of starter kits that make it easy for you.

Check out our range of complementary products from mobile phone safety, water filters, and chemical free antimicrobial cloths.

Q6. Is there another non-toxic business that you think is great & would recommend?

I would highly recommend Elektra Magnesium they manufacture and supply natural body care products for transdermal absorption of magnesium – “Nutrition via Skin”.

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