Want to help us inform and grow your Chemical Free Community?  It’s easy and by growing your community you are making it easier for others to find information, services and products. If we can support our chemical free businesses they get bigger and we all win.

Here are 4 ways you can help.. we are a community … we are a movement!

1. SCOUT Invite - Invite - Invite

Congratulations, as a community member on ChemFreeCom.com you get ‘knighted’ as a ‘ChemFreeCom Scout

" A person that is passionate about contributing to creating a Chemical Free Global Movement"

Invite friends & businesses to Chemical Free Community

Your MISSION as a part of the community…

"Search out and hunt down all businesses organic, chemical free and everything in the transition to... and invite them via chemfreecom.com to join the community so that other community members can find their services &/or products"

Scouting - invite friends and businesses to join the chemical free community

How do I invite people to the community?

Scout_invite button on ChemFreeCom dashboard

When you sign-up/sign-in to ChemFreeCom.com your ‘Email Invitation’ is found on your DASHBOARD.

Enter the name and email address of friends or suppliers that you think would benefit from using or listing on the community directory and events calendar.

2. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings & review Chemical Free Community business

As a community member, you have the ability  to review, comment and/or favourite the businesses you use.  This provides a level of information for all.  We are always thankful for everyone that contributes to the review sections as it saves us all time and energy. Make sure, once you have used a service or product, you jump back onto ChemFreeCom.com and let us know if your a fan of the business by providing a rating & review.

3. Play with us on Social Media

Join Chemical Free Community social media

ChemFreeCom is very active on the social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and we are getting better on Pinterest. So join us, read our posts on whats going on in the world, who are ChemFreeCom’s new members and businesses and what chemical free events and e-learning are planned.

4. Know any chemical free 'Not For Profit' organisations?

We are excited to be able to support Community organisations and ‘Not for Profit’ activities. If you are involved in a NFP organisation that would benefit from being on the ChemFreeCom.com supplier list, please contact us to discuss sponsorship.

 If you are a ChemFreeCom Supplier or User and would like to offer services or products to Community Organisations and NFPs, please let us know by contacting us.  If we are informed about NFP community events we will happily post them on the Community Events Calendar for all to see… so let us know what is happening in your area.
Not for Profit organisations are Free on Chemical Free Community