There is always some mould everywhere – in the air and on many surfaces. Let’s face it, it has been on the Earth for millions of years. Mould grows where there is moisture.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) have linked exposure to mould with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze, asthma and a range of other health concerns.  I’m sure like many of us, you have been frustrated with the difficulty in removing and managing mould in your environment. Allow us to introduce Essential Shield, our MOULD BUSTERS!


What do you do?

Our core focus of the business is dealing with toxic mould removal and prevention within the home, using the Essential Shield natural products.

Mould within a home is not only unpleasant but poses a serious health risk to residents. Authorities in many countries have now rated toxic mould as being at the same hazard level as asbestos – HAZ1.

Many of the chemically based products promoted as mould removal and remediation agents, pose their own serious health risks, as most are chlorine/bleach/ammonia based.  Our products are water based & powered by 5 Essential Oils & Coconut – No Toxic Chemicals!Essential Shield MOULD BUSTERS


What got you started in the chemical free industry? Was there a trigger?

Grant Dybing (founder) started the business after discovering mould in his own home and becoming frustrated with the countless, allegedly “natural products” that failed to successfully deal with it. That was the motivation for Grant to set about lengthy research into what naturally based formulations could actually do the job, with the Essential Shield products and range of in-home services resulting directly from those efforts.


What makes your product or service different?

We are both service and product focused, we not only offer a range of natural D.I.Y. mould remediation and prevention products, but have also developed a comprehensive range of in-home mould remediation and prevention services that can deal with all aspects of mould remediation and prevention.

Real Estate Property Managers have become one of the key client groups for these services.


What has been your biggest obstacle?

Meeting our service demand, we need 10 of ‘me’!  We have had such terrific feedback that we can’t keep up with the growing demand for mould removal and prevention services using natural products.

We have established a number of regional service agents, which has further increased our reach, and are now keenly seeking people to work with uthroughout Australia.  We are able to provide business opportunities that can easily be home based, has relatively low start-up costs and has great income potential.  It’s been a learning curve but we are now in a position to provide full training and ongoing support across Australia, infact even outside Australia if there are people who keen to explore opportunities for our products and services in their marketplace.


What do customer say about you?

Essential Shield MOULD BUSTERS testimonials


Have you got a mould problem and need some help – need products?

Want someone to fix your mould problem for you – go to & search ‘Essential Shield’ for the nearest regional service.

If you are looking for a home based  ‘chemical free’ business opportunity- contact Grant.

Not sure of the dangers of using a chlorine in your home? 


Essential Shield, a company based in Queensland, Australia, produces and offers a range of products made from 100% natural ingredients which contain a blend of essential oils and are designed to be used variously for mould removal and prevention, general purpose cleaning, odour elimination and repelling insects. The Essential Shield product range, is supplemented by mould remediation and prevention services. It is all about maintaining healthy homes Naturally.