He’s been doing it since 1997 with no tree girdling or harm to ‘us’, and now schools, local councils and wineries are doing it too…all with STEAM!

Meet Jeremy Winer the Managing Director of  Weedtechnics – chemical free weed control . They are servicing schools and parks as well as domestic and commercial properties. A very successful alternative to using pesticides such as Roundup. If you don’t know about steam weeding you may like to test it out with their Weedtechnics Pilot Programme.

What do you do?

Weedtechnics is a non-chemical weed management company. We use the thermal shock of saturated steam and boiling water to control weeds in a green, safe and environmentally friendly way.


What got you started in the chemical free industry?

As a horticulturist trained in the early 80’s we were shown all the chemicals we needed to have a “healthy” weed free garden. A lot have been banned or restricted from use now.  Coming from a family with a couple of generations of homeopathy & naturopathy I followed my instincts of organic holistic environmental gardening and landscaping.

Now 30 years on and as you’ve probably seen in the news lately glyphosate (the active chemical in Roundup and many other herbicides) is not as safe as we’ve been led to believe. It was classified as ‘probably carcinogenic’ by WHO (World Health Organisation) in 2015 and since then more and more countries have been banning the toxic chemical including France, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands. Several new studies have also shown that glyphosate has deeply penetrated our communities, it’s been found in 40% of breakfast foods , in wines that were grown organically and even in breast milk! Yet there is close to a million tonnes of Glyphosate used every year, more than all other herbicides combined.
Something has to change so 20 years ago, following our intuition, we thought we’d help lead the way.


What makes your product or service different?

We’re the only company in Australia, and one of a handful in the world, offering this type of technology. We have an effective, safe and green solution to this growing crisis that is being continually swept under the rug. Compared to other companies offering similar products our Weedtechnics Steamwand SW Range can’t be beaten on price or efficiency.

weed tech - vineyard


What has been your biggest obstacle?

The regulatory environment is heavily in favour of the large chemical companies. The regulators seem to ignore the science and correlations of sickness with chemical application. The environment has changed with a shift in the general population moving towards organic produce, products and toxin free towns.

steamweeding a playground


What is your most interesting/best TIP to help families reduce their toxic chemical exposure?

Don’t do chemical weeding! Just pull up your sleeves, put on a hat and do some mechanical weeding. Mulch your gardens, plant more plants. It might be a bit more work but it is well worth it in the end. Another useful tip in pavers is to use boiling water, apply it directly to the base of the weeds and presto, all done. Just make sure you use enough to completely kill them.

And of course eat organic grown food.

Is there another non-toxic business that you think is great & would recommend?

Our accredited Weedtechnics contractors around Australia.

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