Food Babe Way BESTSELLER vani hari
Vani Hari is a food activist and the creator of In her work, Hari has influenced how food giants like Kraft, Subway, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, and Starbucks create their products, steering them toward more healthful policies. For most of her life, Vani Hari ate whatever she wanted — candy, soda, fast food, processed food – until her typical American diet landed her where that diet typically does, in a hospital. It was then that Hari decided to make health her number one priority. Her newfound goal drove her to investigate what is really in our food, how it is grown, and what chemicals are used in its production. The more she learned, and the more lessons she put into action, the better she felt. Eager to share the truth about harmful ingredients as well as the secrets of her healthy lifestyle with friends and family, in 2011 Hari started a blog,, which quickly earned her millions of readers and a devoted following of fellow food crusaders.

There’s a way to look good, be healthy and feel great without always needing to be on a diet. The Food Babe Way contains the 21 essential habits that Vani taught herself to restore her health, lean body and looks. Vani methodically take you through the simple changes you can make to live a more energetic and vibrant life while still being exposed to the food system we have today.