toxies chemicals

The Toxies: Exposed is a satirical 7-webisode series that follows a daring investigative journalist as he chases down toxic chemicals and pollutants, raising awareness about toxics in our homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) — A chemical used in can liners, reusable plastics, receipt paper, and other products. BPA disrupts the endocrine (hormone) system, increasing risk for cancer and other reproductive harm.

Chloropicrin — A fumigant pesticide used in agriculture that is known to drift off of fields and poison communities and workers.

Flame Retardants — Added to consumer products, chemical flame retardants are released in household dust, and increases toxic smoke/soot in fires. Flame retardants are linked to many health effects including increased cancers for firefighters.

Fracking Chemical Cocktail — A mix of 600+ toxic and/or unknown chemicals pumped into the ground as part of a new technology to extract oil and gas that is linked to air and water contamination and earthquakes.

Lead — A heavy metal that still causes childhood lead poisoning. The main route of exposure is found in older housing, consumer products and factories that emit lead therefore polluting air in communities and putting workers at risk for lower IQ and brain damage.

Mercury – A heavy metal that pollutes the air through coal burning and other manufacturing. It travels through our air and waterways, building up in the environment, wildlife, and people. It is known to cause brain and nervous system damage.

Yellow Soap — A product used in car washes and is linked to blurred vision, chemical burns, dizziness and unknown long-term health effects, violating worker safety and health.