Introducing our new members to the community. We are pleased to have a number of agriculture businesses joining us who can provide you with services and products to help you grow our own food no matter where you live.  Farmers, home products, personal care & hair products for men and women, feminine hygiene, some fabulous creative foodies and awesome organic ingredients for your kitchen, yoga mats, printers and caterers.

We would encourage you to click on the image to view their listing, chemical status and filters on directory,  If you already know any of the amazing business we invite you to write a review on their listing so other will know how great they are. If you wish to go directly to their www click on their name in the description.

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Petit Bamboo represents stylish and unique bamboo baby wear with an eco-conscious feel.

Abitza Abitza is everything you could ever need. Café with delicious whole and healthy foods, Catering services, Healing Center and Gift-shop

Abitza Café with delicious whole and healthy foods,Catering services,Healing Center and Gift-shop

A Fresh Legacy provides a complete vegetable garden installations and coaching for family homes and preschools

A Fresh Legacy provides a complete vegetable garden installations and coaching for family homes and preschools

Affinity Printing

Affinity Print is a leader in the provision of sustainable print solutions, using efficient and proven processes.

LHD Organic Hair salon

LHD Organic Hair salon providing leading professional results without the harsh chemicals. All our products are selected on our no nasties philosophy.

Babou Organic cold-pressed juices

Babou Juice, organic cold-pressed juices delivered to you in Melbourne or visit us at selected weekend markets.

AVS Organic Foods Specialising in Artisan Vegan Non Dairy Cheese & Food

AVS Organic Foods specialises in artisan vegan non dairy cheese & food using different techniques that include, culturing, ageing and fermenting.

Optilife is an innovative health, fitness and wellness company providing water/shower filters and skincare

Niugini Organics virgin coconut oil

Niugini Organics partners with local smallholders in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea to develop products made from Raw 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

pit the Pip- range of activities to educate children

Spit the Pip offers a range of activities to educate children on how to grow, harvest and prepare their own healthy food using certified organic seeds and soils.

SmartHome Water providing Australian homes with the world’s leading range of water filtration and environmental solutions.

Science Supply Australia-Mushroom farm

Science Supply Australia provides quality educational products – Mushroom Mini Farm & Water Garden

McLeod’s Agriculture produce and still conditioners

McLeod’s Agriculture providing season produce at weekend markets across SEQ and arange of organic fertilisers at our markets to help you grow your own organic backyard veggies.

Sow Great

Sow Great is an edible garden consulting business  to help you get the most from your particular space – one square metre balcony,a high-rise rooftop, a community garden, or acreage or a hobby farm.

Earthlife Rock Minerals Soil Conditioners manufacturer of microbial rock mineral based soil conditioners and fertilisers for gardening, horticulture and agriculture.

Munash Natural Fertilisers

Munash develop and manufacture high-quality natural mineral fertilisers for use in gardens, agriculture, horticulture, parks, and sporting venues across Australia and New Zealand.