website-logoTwelve to sixteen staff is just not enough for Miss V’s Chemical Free Cleaning services.  It’s team of like-minded, tight knit wonderful group of people with a general interest in health, the environment who work in line with the Miss V ethos. Hmmm…they may also have an underlying hint of OCD – it works.

With a growing list of clients eager to have  Miss V’s people loving – pet loving cleaners service their homes and office the non-toxic personal cleaning business is booming. With Miss V the wellbeing of her cleaners is just as important as the wellbeing of her clients.  Sounds like a fabulous organisation to work for, luckily Miss V is always on the lookout for like-minded casual cleaners to join them. – interested?


Q1. What does Miss V do?

Miss V’s has been providing a personal and customised chemical free cleaning service for 7 years. We offer a unique service tailored for each client based on what their needs are. Communication between clients, my staff and myself is key. It keeps everybody happy and makes for phenomenal results that we’re really proud of.

Q2. What got you started in the chemical free industry?

I started cleaning to earn extra money while I was studying design.   I would use the client’s own products, which, at the time, were all harsh chemicals. Soon after I became pregnant and I noticed that using these products so frequently was making me quite ill, so I stopped. After I had my first child, I really became aware of my body and what I was exposing it to.

Fast forward two years after study and having a child, I thought I would get back into cleaning, but I refused to use harsh products so I started making my own. I started simple, using things like bi-carb and vinegar, essential oils, and natural soap flakes. It was liberating. The more I made my own products the more I began to envision a business that offered non-toxic cleaning services and products to others that had a similar ethos. That’s when I started to gather troupes. I used my design skills for advertising and creating posters and went from there.


Q2. Over the last seven years that Miss V’s has been running, have you noticed a growing interest in non-toxic cleaning?

Absolutely! A change in mind-set is happening. There’s a lot of growing interest in using non-traditional cleaning methods. Many of our clients are new mums, families, people with pets, young couples who are quite switched on and curious about new alternatives. The common thread between all my clients seems to be that they are quite health conscious.


Q3. What has been your biggest obstacle?

  • Whilst a health conscious mind-set seems to be on the upswing,  I have noticed there is still an underlying sense of scepticism out there when it comes to using chemical free products. My experience has been that a lot of people associate the smell of bleach with clean. This goes back to how we’ve been brought up, and what was used in the house during our childhoods. That sense of familiarity is quite strong. It becomes second nature to reach for the ‘Spray n’ Wipe’ when it’s all you know.
  • The other deterrent for people is that many eco-friendly and chemical-free products can be quite expensive. Most people don’t want to risk buying a bottle of product for $10 if they think it may not work.
  • Having the staff to keep up with the demand – We are currently looking for new casual cleaners to join us.


Q4. What are some of the major benefits to ditching harsh chemical products, and opting for low-tox cleaning instead?

Personally, I’ve noticed that avoiding products with synthetic fragrances in particular has made a massive difference. I would get headaches from synthetic fragrances and found that quite a few of my clients would experience the same thing. Replacing synthetic fragrances with essential oils is a much better alternative, and there are so many benefits! Just a few drops of your favourite oil and some hot water makes for the perfect mopping solution.

Low tox products are safer to use around children and pets, and you can breathe easy without experiencing difficulty or exposing yourself and your family to toxins. You just can’t do this with traditional cleaners.


Q5.  Are there another non-toxic products/businesses that you think are great & would recommend?

  • Orange Squirt from Citrus Resources, Australian made and very affordable. Orange Squirt comes in a concentrated fluid, which means you just have to add water and you can control how strong or mild the product is, depending on how much concentrate you use. I use it on everything- ovens, bathrooms, almost all surfaces. You can clean your car with it, wash your clothes in a top loader, the list is endless! It smells great and cuts through grease quickly. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Abode is another favorite, also Australian made and designed. Their ethics are really in line with Miss V’s. I absolutely love their window cleaner.
  • Red Star paste and surface spray are brilliant. I’ll be using a lot more from this local business in the future.
  • Red Decker sustainable brush ware, which is high-end brushware but something you’ll have for a really long time. It’s is made from sustainable timbers, ostrich feathers, goats hair and horse hair. Red Decker items also make amazing gifts. Their tools are beautifully designed and amazingly tactile.

All of these products are available for purchase at my shop


Q6. Can you provide some simple tips to those that want to start a non-toxic cleaning regime in their home, but don’t know how to start?


  1. Ditch the all-purpose spray and wipe and disinfectants  to start.
  2. Get a liquid soap or low-toxic dishwashing detergent and squirt a little in a spray bottle along with a few drops of your favourite essential oil,
  3. Fill the rest with water.

Now you’ve got a general spray to use anywhere.

We are also happy to give advice on product selection and keep it simple. Not everyone wants to make their own products. That’s ok. You don’t need 10 different products to clean your home.

When you’re ready to purchase a product, be sceptical of labels. Many times these products are not certified organic or low-tox. There are no clear laws when it comes to marketing home cleaning products. The words “green”, “natural” or “eco” actually don’t mean much at all!


Q9. What keeps you and your wonderful staff growing?

Word of mouth and positive feedback! Both of these things motivate us to do a good job. Cleaning is a very physical job that takes a lot of energy. Client feedback and recommendations to potential new clients give us the energy we need to keep going. It makes us super happy to make our clients happy.


Miss V provides a no obligation consultation for house cleans or bookings can be organised via email or phone.  She is always up for a chat!


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