We weren’t looking for it, it just happened. And it took Jill to notice it. Amazingly we were stopped in a petrol station, in Dubai, where they still pump the petrol for you. We were sitting in the car waiting for the car to be filled – doing nothing. It was a pause in a crazy 3 week Dubai discovery where we were not doing anything. Just sitting, breathing.

How many times are moments offered to us where we can stop, relax and just do nothing? Moments somewhat out of our control but still part of our life – if we choose to take them. It’s those moments where we can let the world go by, allow ourselves to stop the craziness and re-energise.

It was nice to just sit there together and enjoy that moment of peace while someone else looked after us. And it doesn’t take someone doing something for you to take those opportunities.

Later that same day we had another, and we took it. Walking past the large aquarium in the Dubai Mall we were lucky enough to be there when a couple of talented divers where setting up a display. Mind you the fish, sharks and rays also helped in such a wonderful aquarium.

We stopped again, just watched and let the craziness drift by – just for a moment or two. It was enough to re-energise for the next meeting.   How many more of these moments are offered to us each day and we let them pass by. Keep an eye out for yours, stop, take them and see the difference. Let us know and even in that sharing we may offer moments for others to do the same. If we all stopped and breathed a little more we can collectively relieve some of those toxins caused by stress. Give it ago…