Great news….

A recent study by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) in the USA has shown an increase in the popularity of organic options by parents.  Up to 90% of parents would most likely purchase organics as an option for their children.

This is consistent with the feel we get lately. Having monitored the organic and chemical free world for the last 12 months (while we are creating we get the sense that the time is now and the attitudes are changing.  Our recent trip to Dubai re-enforced that.  Over the 11 months we had been away from Dubai there has been a marked increase in the availability of organics and other low-toxic choices in food, products and especially services.

It also emphasises the power that parents, especially mom’s have in determining what is available.  As a quote in the OTA article suggests: ““My children influence my purchase of organic food, because I want them to be as healthy as they can be. I am responsible for providing my children with all their food since they cannot buy it. I choose healthy and organic foods and they enjoy whatever I give to them. Win-win!”

The news is even better when it comes to baby food. ” Moms and dads purchasing baby food are even more committed to organic; more than a third of those parents say they always choose organic for their infant or toddler.”

Please have a look at the overall study:

What are your experiences in finding and choosing organic options? Please let us know…

Alan Scott