Searching our Chemical Free Directory

Searching is easy!  There are 2 screens to search from: 1. the HOME page and 2. the SEARCH page which you get to by clicking on the FIND A SUPPLIER located immediately under the ChemFreeCom logo in the top left.

Search Product, Services, Location  from the home page, or use the “Find a Supplier” options in the second menu line. You can continue your searching from your ‘Search Results’ page using the advanced search filters , Keyword, Product, Services, Locations, Business Types, Business Opportunities, Chemical Status and Free From filters.

1. Keywords

Enter a keyword for your search. Keywords will search both the listing’s business name and business description field for your keyword. Use nouns as query keywords and use 6 to 8 keywords per query. Include both  singular and plural version of for your keywords such as “juice” and “juices”


2. Products and  3.Services

Either scroll down the list and select the product or service from the drop down list or  begin to enter a keyword to be presented with options. Example, enter ‘Baby’ and the baby category options will be displayed (Baby Food, Baby Products,  Clothing – Baby).

4. Location

Begin to enter the location that you wish to search, you will be presented with a list of options in a drop down list compliments of Google. You can only search on city. Select your location. Once your search results have been displayed you will have an option to define the radius of your search based on your IP address by using the slider.


5. Business Types

A predefined list of business types such as Online, Physical, Manufacturer, Wholesale – single brand, Retailer – multi brands. Businesses can identify appropriate businesses that they may like to contact if either looking for a product to add to their range or for retailers to take their product.

 6. Business Opportunities

A predefined list of business opportunities such as Distributors Needed, Franchise, Affiliate Program, Job Vacancy, Selling Business where suppliers can highlight their opportunities for growth which are searchable to interested parties distributors, job hunters, bloggers etc…

7. Filters and Chemical Status

Further define your search using Chemical Status and Free From filters.

  • Chemical Status – Estimated % of a business’s entire product range, ingredient list or service offering that is…certified, non-certified, non-toxic, pesticide/spray free etc. This % is nominated by the business and allows businesses that are not 100% organic, non-toxic inform customers they have a portion of chemical free product/services. If we, as customers support those businesses they may grow their chemical free range.
  • Free From filters – what chemicals/allergies are services/products free from?

A Chemical Free Business Listing - looks like this

ChemFreeCom listing looks like this

1. Name, location, contact website details of the listing.  Identifies if a listing is has a physical (bricks and mortar) presence and/or an online presence.

2. Full list of the categories that the business has listed on ChemFreeCom.

3. Description of the business.

4. Supplier Chemical Status.  Estimated % of a business’s entire product range, ingredient list or service offering that is…certified, non-certified, non-toxic, pesticide/spray free etc. This % is nominated by the business and allows business that are not 100% organic, non-toxic inform customers they have a portion of chemical free product/services. If we, as customers support those business they may grow their chemical free range.

5. Supplier Certifications.  A supplier that nominates they are ‘certified’ anything are requested to upload an image of their certification including their related certification number to validate their ‘certified’ profile in #4.

6. Supplier logo and image gallery – Photos of the products/services the business provides

7. What chemicals and elements that the suppliers products and service are ‘Free From’. This list should only reference the typical chemicals and elements that relate to the product/service,  and NOT be a blanket ticking of the entire list. We would expect a supplier to be familiar with the chemicals to be avoided across their product/service range.

Additional elements that may be on a listing that are not display on the image above.

8. Promotional video may be displayed in the listing if the business has one.

9. Business hours are listed if the business has a physical location or choses to defined their office hours.

10. Contact supplier – use the email form to directly contact the Supplier.

11. Connect with supplier on their social media plateforms.

What makes ChemFreeCom different?

Searching by Services and Product Cateogories

com page - categories

Narrow your search by using category groupings.  We offer the ability to search via both Product Categories and Service Categories.  Our list of categories covers not only food, cafe’s, restaurants and household/building products but services as well, hairdressers, beauticians, cleaning , gardening , pool cleaning, pest control, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, building analysis and even what biological dentist is out there that can remove my amalgams?  If we have missed any categories that you think we need to have please let us know by contacting us. We’ll then add them to our research list to find suppliers.

Searching by Chemical Status

We recognise that the level of which a Supplier is chemically free, organic or certified may be important to the majority of our Users.  As such, we have added a supplier profiling and search feature that allows:

  1. the Supplier to nominate the percentage (%) of which they are chemically free, organic, certified and/or a number of other chemical status categories
  2. the User to nominate one or many of the specific “chemical statuses” against which they can search

To explain our percentages a little more:

  • if a Supplier is listing a restaurant or cafe and they source on average 60% of their total ingredient list from certified organic, or organic, or even pesticide/spray free they can nominate the % relevant to your business.
  • if a Supplier is listing a cleaning service and 2 of 5 of their services are toxic -chemical free they would nominate 40% of their total service offering as toxic chemical free
  • it may be represented in a Supplier’s listing as follows:

A suppliers Chemical Status

Searching by 'Free From' Filters

com page - filters

Filters are another tab that is available under the Advanced Search feature.

Filters give you an extra level of search capability as all suppliers are asked to nominate the filters that are applicable to their service/products. The more filters they use on their profile the better search ability for you, the user.

We have filters relevant to a number of different chemicals and groups of chemicals.

Searching by 'Business Opportunities'


Our goal is to grow the overall Chemical Free Community.  As part of that we provide the opportunity for Suppliers to highlight any business or employment opportunities they wish to offer or are seeking.  This is provided via a list of business opportunities that Suppliers can use as part of their profile and Users (who also can be Suppliers in their own right) can subsequently search on.  An example of our list of Business Opportunities is provided above.