Bill Statham lives with his wife and business partner Kay Lancashire in the picturesque Gippsland region of Victoria. He is a researcher and writer with an interest in health education and a commitment to making a positive difference to the health of people and the environment. Bill studied and practised homeopathy both in Australia and the UK for over ten years. During this time he became increasingly concerned about the detrimental effects on health caused by synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat and cosmetic products we use every day.

Today’s informed consumers are no longer content to accept that all the additives and ingredients in foods and personal care and cosmetic products are benign and therefore can do no harm. This increased awareness is a result of both personal experience and the proliferation of information via various media exposing the potential damaging effects of many of the synthetic chemicals in use today, including those used in foods and cosmetics. Bill is the author of The Chemical Maze book and APP that was written to make it simpler and easier to recognize food additives and cosmetic ingredients having the potential to cause discomfort and ill-health.  With this recognition comes freedom of choice and for many a new lease on life that helps protect your health, the health of your family and the health of the environment.

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