Sick of the 9-5 grind?  Committed to helping not harming the plant? Looking for a ‘chemical free’ change?  Then we may just have something of interest to you. It’s not often that a successful online business becomes available but here’s your chance. is an innovative business that was conceived, created and initially located in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. It is now run from the Yarra Valley in Victoria. Meet Janine, the co-owner of… where will it live next?  Could it be your place?

Q1. What is ByronShop?

We are an online store that aims to help you Base Your Rhythm On Nature and experience the magic of B Y R O N anywhere in the world with our natural, organic Health, Beauty and Lifestyle products. is an eco-friendly environmentally sustainable business, offering and supporting quality products and businesses who support our vision.

We find effective products of the highest quality that nature provides so it goes without saying that we source and offer organic and biodynamic products where ever possible. We strive towards educating and spreading the word about the benefits of organic and biodynamic products.


Q2. What is the BryonShop history?

Our business was established around 10 years ago as a small product shelf in a Wellbeing Centre in Byron Bay. It then grew into a successful online business and relocated to the Yarra Valley with the previous owners. My husband and I have owned this business for 3 ½ years after looking for a home business that fed our passion for helping to create a healthier planet.


Q3. ByronShop Products?

We believe our business is unique in its careful selection of products that are both good for personal wellbeing and for the planet. We know that all of our products can benefit the wellbeing of our customers and their families and at the same time know that our products are made with integrity and an environmental consciousness and in many cases, give back to the community in which they are made.

We choose fine quality organic, biodynamic, natural and eco products that look good, feel good and are good! If we don’t personally use or recommend a product then you won’t find it on our site. We source products using the best ingredients that nature provides and makers who source their ingredients with an ecological consciousness, who practice integrity from growth through to the end product.


Our most popular categories on are:

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Q4. What have you enjoyed the most about owning ByronShop?

Through our time in owning ByronShop we have been touched by the positive comments from our customers who are grateful for the caring customer service that we provide and for quality products that really make a difference. We have enjoyed meeting our customers when we have attended various markets and we loved being a part of the growing field of sustainability. It is so exciting to see more and more people making a commitment to their health by choosing chemical free.

Q5. Why is the business up for sale?

Too much on our to do list…we are being called to specialise in our professional fields of nursing and special needs education, to be more hands on with populations in need. We also have family members with ailing health that need more of our loving care and time.

We know that this business needs dedicated new owners with time to embrace the online world of sales and take this well established business to even greater heights. Someone who is excited about health and wellbeing with the time and dedication to join this growing field. Someone who is excited to learn about online trading and who will enjoy enjoying being in contact with like minded people (other industry people as well as our customers).

So it is time to hand over the reins to someone ready for a new direction in life.

If you would like to know more about the sale of please contact us on

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  • Coffee, Tea & Alternatives
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