For those with asthma, many common household products, such as cleaning supplies, paints, pesticides, perfumes, and soaps, can be a problem.  Any product with a strong smell releases chemicals into the air may be a concern for a child or adult with asthma. As these fumes can cause an attack, it is important to make informed choices about what you put in, on, and around you and your family. Introducing PuraChoice a safer option for those with allergies and asthma.

Q1. What do you do

Rubbedin is  based in Brisbane and develops and manufactures innovative cleaning and surface protection products such as PuraChoice.

Q2. What got you started in the chemical free industry?

We make sure all our ingredients are ethically sourced and safe for allergy and asthma suffers. In fact the ingredients in the PuraChoice range are listed on the bottle (not many companies do that)

Q3. What makes your product or service different?

Rubbedin is a very ethical company, we don’t make claims that we can’t back up in a court of law.

Pura Choice - Chemical Free CommunityWith an already strong sense of environmental responsibility and the awareness that not all green cleaning products are truly green, Rubbedin saw the need for a green product that can tick all the boxes: One that is

  • non toxic,
  • plant-derived,
  • no d-limonene,
  • no chlorine-bleach,
  • no phosphates,
  • no sodium,
  • no synthetic fragrances.

Being safe for the environment is one thing, but what about safe for both you and your family?

As an asthma and allergy sufferer since the age of 3, co-owner, Marslie Smits, is aware of the lack of cleaning products suitable for individuals with allergies and asthma.

The PuraChoice range was launched in early 2017 after years of extensive research, development and testing. The entire range is hypo-allergenic, contains dermalogically tested ingredients and is cruelty free.

Pura Choice available at Woolies - Chemical Free Community

Non toxic  Hypoallergenic  Contains No Nasty Chemicals  Cruelty free  No Chlorine/Bleach  No Palm Oil  No Phosphates  No Sodium  No synthetic fragrances  Natural Essential Oils  No Petrochemicals  No Animal Derivatives  No Harsh Detergents  No Glycols or SLS/SLES  NO TEA/DEA or EDTA  pH Neutral  Stone Safe  Septic & Grey Water Safe  Biodegradable  Contains Dermatologically Tested Ingredients

PuraChoice is now available in your local Woolworths.

Q4. What has been your biggest obstacle?

Formulas have been one of our biggest obstacles, once you take the nasty chemicals out; finding safe effective alternatives is not an easy task.

Pura Choice - Chemical Free Community

Q5. What is your most interesting/best TIP to help families reduce their chemical exposure?

There are simple steps you can take to reduce your daily toxic load, things like:

  • Avoiding processed foods – Shop using EWG’s Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen as a guide
  • Choosing organic where possible.
  • Supplementing your diet, to give your body the nutrience it needs rid your body of toxins.
  • Drinking more filtered water to help your body flush out toxins (use a filter or be a filter).
  • Switching to safer personal care products, yes there are a lot of nasty chemicals in the products you use on your hair, skin and nails and by simply choosing safer cleaning products you can reduce your toxic load significantly.


Q6. Is there another non-toxic business that you think is great & would recommend?

I love shopping with Honest to Goodness, they have great range of organic and whole food, and delivery is very reasonable.

Hopper Foods is one of my favourite go to site for natural food colours, sprinkles and dairy free chocolate.


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