Family Farm OrganicsMeet one of our Hong Kong based members, Family Farm Organics.  They support 600 farmers & communities across Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Peru, Pakistan & Sicily providing ingredients free from additives & chemicals, with a great taste and packed full of vitamins, our products are pure and environmentally friendly.

Collaborating with different organisations, they have developed supply chains in USA, Australia and other Asia countries, including a warehouse in Hong Kong to supply their Hong Kong and China markets.

1 What do you do?

Family Farm Organics is family established in Hong Kong, with a passion for sustainable, raw, organic foods. We really believe in food thong Kong Farmershat are direct from the origin and we work with family farmers, family farm groups and manufacturers that work directly with farmers to source quality ingredients such as organic quinoa, chia seeds, cacao products, a wide range of superfoods and organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits, grains, beans and sweeteners.

We believe that raw is the way of the future — unprocessed, wholesome goodness. And that is why we started Family Farm Organics, to be a provider of raw foods and to make them more accessible to everyone.

2 What got you started in the chemical free industry?

Growing up in Hong Kong, everything is about fast and convenient. Having witnessed the heavily processed food through the years, the effects of chemicals leads to a lot of illnesses. I was lucky enough to have come across organic food in my early years and my experience has been nothing less the wonderful. And seeing the need for more organic food and the knowledge of organic food for Hong Kong, Family Farm Organics was created.

3 What makes your product or service different?

We source directly from farmers and we actually produce some of the products we sell. We visit our farmers every year to assess their situation and to see if any arrangement needs to be made. Most of our product are non-certified fair-trade, as we really believe in giving back to the farmers that work so hard. Some of our products (our Indonesian line) are wildly grown, hand harvested and hand processed to produce truly pure products.

4 What has been your biggest obstacle?

I think one of the major obstacles we have is that Hong Kong is still growing into organics. The number of restaurants and cafes have increased over the years, but there is still such a huge disconnect between nature and life. I think a lot of work is still needed in informing people of Organics and what it really means.

Family Farm Organics QuineaFamily Farm Organics coconutFamily Farm Organics Cashews

5 What is your most interesting/best TIP to help families reduce their chemical exposure?

The Best Tip? A Lifestyle Change.
It’s so important to note that the way you live will impact not only your exposure to chemicals, but our world’s exposure to it as well. Making your own organic detergent that are free from harmful chemicals, buying organic foods, reducing the usage of plastic bags — and if you can, growing your own mini garden. All these things add up. I’m not saying that you should flip your life upside down, but consciously choose. It can be as simple as opting to buy something more environmentally friendly than for the sake of convenience.
Remember, it’s a choice.

6. Is there another non-toxic business that you think is great & would recommend?

Not so much as a business than it is a community, Green Queen is a wonderful website that promotes healthy eating and eco-conscious lifestyles. It is more based for those that reside in Hong Kong, but there are so many recipes and ideas that those living outside can enjoy it too. If you are visiting Hong Kong then Green Queen will be a great resource.

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