It is hard work. It is challenging and fulfilling all at the same time. There are moments where you are pushed, or you push yourself, to the point of questioning why you are on such a journey or pursuit. Equally there are moments that you raise your hands up and say – yes – another small step forward, so let’s celebrate that one. As it is those small wins that are the steps that collectively reenergise and continue to lay the way forward. However challenging.

It is rewarding work, and it is not new. Imagine doing all this without having guides to learn from.

I was beautifully offered an opportunity recently to stop, reflect and consider those who have come before. Our guides, in so many pursuits, that we perhaps subconsciously or instinctively reference, but sometime may not recognise fully. Those, whose words and actions, are reinforced and are echoed in so many channel savvy, social media smart 21st century guides who are today leading the way. Who perhaps, without the foundations laid before them, would have struggled more or even stopped. And that would be a shame.

So this blog is about saying thank you and recognising the many who started this work a long time ago. Whose voice back then didn’t have the opportunity to be heralded through multi-faceted cyber channels, but were beautifully articulated in books, in pictures, in newsprint and in story.

It is about asking our Chemical Free Community to stop, reflect and ask who has guided them – and when was the last time you said thank you.   When was the last time we shared a post from one of our more modern guides and wondered, “Where did they get their inspiration?”, “who do they look to when pushed to that point of asking ‘why!’”

It is about asking our community to share who has inspired them, and hopefully in doing so, raise the awareness of those you have come before without the spotlight. There are many, help us remember them and honour them. Please add yours to the comments below.

A wonderful friend of mine introduced me recently to the work of Alice Waters, who I was surprised I hadn’t heard of. We sat together and watch a youtube clip of Alice. It was memorable. Edible Education – See Alice’s current work.

The message was heartfelt, soulful and simple. It is the same message that resonates through so many of our more recent, modern guides. A message delivered beautifully.

A message that I am lucky enough now to have heard, one that I will remember and one that I choose to share here.

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Thank you to those who have laid the foundations, the ground work that so many are now building on. And the various movements around the world, built on these foundations, are growing, are gaining momentum as the newer guides extend that message.

Thank you to our modern guides who, in their own way, continue the work of those who have come before and who now lay the foundations for the next generation. May you be equally recognised by those generations in the future.

Thanks to those who follow, who are equally committed but choose not to step into that spotlight. Without you the leaders, both past and present, would not have that communal strength to tap into, energise through and continue to lead.

Thanks to the friends that inspire us, educate us and guide us. You know who you are and our life, our community is continually enriched by your support and friendship. Our community is you, is us and together we will make the change we choose to pursue. Guided by the voices of the past.

Alan Scott.